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What can we do for you?

Providing complete solutions based on your needs. From development of specialized software to delivering useful IT solutions for small businesses (SME's) and starters. Integration of desktop, web and mobile applications. Your one stop place for all your software development needs. Together we can define all the software requirements and have predefined feedback along the project development. All software is stored on a secure version control system, which provides safe location to host all required software data.

  • Software development
  • Mobile integration
  • Desktop applications
  • Creating small automated scripts
  • Software development life cycle (SDLC) setup
  • SDLC management & automation
  • Refactoring & upgrading existing software
  • Creating robust, scalable and maintainable solutions
  • Web applications
  • IT advice and support
  • Automated database integration or migration
  • Multi language integration (i18n)
  • Translations are based on Simplified Technical English (STE)
  • Interaction with countless services
  • Introducing test driven development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google analytics setup

Code signing & security certification:

  • digicert
  • digicert
  • All our software code is digitally signed
  • Certification is done based on an "extended validation certificate (EV)"
  • Signing code will protect the software against threats
  • It prevents unnecessary warning messages
  • It increases user confidence and security
  • Safeguard customer valuable data
  • Detection of modified files or pieces of code
  • Securing documents with a certificate
  • Proofing that documents have been signed by the correct persons (proof of identity)
  • Signing of legal documents (e.g. invoices, leases, contracts, forms, ...)
  • Support for signing different documents (Microsoft Office, Adobe pdf, LibreOffice and OpenOffice)

Database migration and integration:

Transferring data from one database to the other can be done fast, quick and automatic without making mistakes by entering data manually on another system. By migrating your data automatically no errors or inconsistencies will be introduced. Lower the risk and boost the compliancy of your data migration. Your company critical data can be migrated to one of the following database structures:

  • Access (e.g. .mdb, .accdb)
  • Excel (e.g. .csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx)
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql
  • Oracle
  • H2
  • DB2
  • MSQL

Deliverables provided during development:

  • Requirements gathering documentation
  • Acceptance testing description
  • Story writing and use case documentation
  • Issue management (tickets, improvements, task, ...)
  • Complete database diagram (DDL and ORM - relationships)
  • Unit testing documentation (coverage and test result reports)
  • Automated manual creation (user manual, system manual, support manual, ...)
  • Sprint planning, estimation and review documents

Software development approach:

  • Searching for best practices
  • Writing guidelines for implementation and how to use the software
  • Creating design patterns
  • Set up coding rules
  • Doing code review
  • Help with use of standards
  • Creation of example projects
  • Making prototype software (user interface - GUI)

Why we do code review:

We do code review for our own software applications made in house, but also for your custom made software (applications, websites or other). Because we belief in the following advantages:

  • Improve the quality of the software
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Enhance and maintain code
  • Adherence to coding standards and conventions
  • Increase collaboration
  • Reduce project time and cost
  • Enhance customer satisfaction / retention
  • Its more than static analysis
  • Setting expectations
  • Strengthen competitive advantage
What we also can do for you (e.g. building a website)

If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. -- Albert Einstein


Why do we provide you these services?

  • Finding new business opportunities
  • Implementing new creative ideas
  • Helping businesses and sharing knowledge
  • Creating and maintaining software applications
  • Being more flexible and customer oriented
  • Using new software technologies
  • Being able to provide complete solutions to customer needs
  • Refactoring applications to be more robust, scalable and maintainable

Some possible integration components

We have an active codebase with different configurable components, which can be integrated into any software application. Suiting all you possible needs for now and the future.

  • SMS (e.g. sending automated text messages)
  • VCard creation and interpretation (with CardDAV/WebDAV support)
  • QR-code creation and validation
  • Barcode image processing
  • Social media API integration (facebook, linkedin, twitter, dropbox, google drive, ...)
  • Localization API integration (google maps, leafletjs)
  • Chart generation (bar, line, pie)
  • E-mail (e.g. automated mailing)
  • Secure mailing (GnuPG - PGP)
  • Gravatar API (e.g. get person avatar)
  • Doodle API (e.g. schedule meetings)
  • VAT validation API
  • IBAN and BIC validation
  • PDF creation and signing
  • Editing pictures and streaming of video
  • XML generation and validation
  • JSON generation and validation
  • Security API
  • Authorization and authentication API
  • Authentication with (ldap, oauth, eID)
  • License key API (validation of product license keys)
  • Version control system for documents
  • Data validation service (mail, phone, iban, vat)
  • All validations are based on regular expressions and web services
  • Automated database fill-up (data population)
  • Automated database creation and integration (DDL)
  • Reading and writing different file formats (csv, txt, pdf, xls, doc, ...)
  • Automated invoicing API
  • Automated job scheduling (running time based tasks)
  • Country & City API
  • Postal code integration
  • Multi language configuration (i18n)
  • Full blown calendar integration (with ICS/iCal support)
  • Vacation information
  • Holiday integration
  • Calendar item entry
  • Recurring calendar entries
  • Remote calendar option (reading and writing via CalDAV/WebDAV)
  • Automated creation of manuals (latex - pdf)
  • User manual
  • Service manual
  • Product manual (flyer)
  • Support manual
  • Automated version labeling of software components
  • Shipment information API (track & trace - e.g. TNT, Bpost, DHL, Kiala)
  • Advanced and simple search options
  • Server configuration, logging and statistics
  • Online payment support (Ogone, bitcoins)
  • FAX service API (sending and receiving faxes)
  • Import of bank data (payment information)
  • Graydon service API (request company data)
  • Domain name API (registration, renewal, transfer)
  • Certificate (creation, registration, renewal)
  • Signing documents
  • Signing websites
  • Integration with custom web services
  • Link with stock exchange
  • Analytics API (web & mobile)
  • Privacy (encryption and decryption of data)
  • Hardware backed keys

User entry validation:

  • Address validation
  • Email validation
  • Phone number validation
  • Reverse phone number lookup (Caller ID - only for US)
  • Date & time validation
  • ISBN validation (ISBN-10 or ISBN-13)
  • Domain name validation
  • VAT number validation
  • IBAN & BIC validation
  • Credit card validation
  • Number validation (currency)
  • IP address validation
  • URL validation
  • Custom user entry validation


  • IMDb & movie information
  • Logic games

Social media integration:

  • Facebook
  • Linked-in
  • Twitter
  • Doodle
  • YouTube
  • Evernote
  • Flowdock
  • Gravatar
  • 23andMe
  • Poken
  • Dropbox
  • Google drive
facebook linkedin twitter doodle youtube evernote flowdock gravatar 23 and me poken dropbox google drive

Integration with web services:

  • Jenkins API (continuous integration)
  • Jira API (issue management)
  • Localization API (google maps, leafletjs)
  • Domain name API (whoapi, domainapi)
  • Gogle CardDAV API
  • Aether (artifact respository management)
  • My movie API (IMDb)
  • Caller ID (opencnam, truecaller)
  • Ogone API
jenkins jira google maps leafletjs whoapi carddav imdb opencnam truecaller ogone

Shipment information API (track & trace):

  • TNT
  • DHL
  • Kiala
  • Bpost
tnt dhl kiala bpost

Other API providers:

  • APIhub
  • Mashape
  • apigee
apihub mashape apigee

Technologies used

Technologies we are using to create our software applications:

  • Lift webframework
  • Play framework
  • Java swing
  • Squeryl
  • Maven
  • Readability
  • wurfl
  • SecureApps
  • Apache Shiro
  • JQuery & CSS
  • Phonegap (Cordova)
  • UML/SysML
  • Ajax
  • W3C
  • Apache Solr (Lucene)
  • Hibernate
  • Bitcoinj
  • MyFax
  • eID
  • JSON & XML
  • Spray
  • iText
  • Restfull webservices & URLs
  • Database migration
  • Jetty
  • ZXing
  • yFiles
lift java play maven readability wurfl shiro jquery css3 phonegap uml ajax w3c solr hibernate bitcoinj myfax eid spray itext jetty
  • Digicert (certificate authority)
  • GnuPG (secure Pretty Good Privacy)
  • Wordle / Wordcram (word cloud)
  • Translation of applications
  • Jackrabbit (WebDAV)
  • Quartz (job scheduler)
  • Bloomberg open API (stock exchange)
  • Imaging (JAI, Commons imaging, jMagick)
  • Shopify Dashing (creating dashboards)
  • impress.js (powerfull presentation tool)
  • chart.js (creating web charts)
  • Apache POI
  • Typesafe (building reactive application)
  • Talend (migrating databases)
  • Google CardDAV
  • CalDAV
  • markdown (simple text to html conversion)
  • Graydon (request company data)
  • Video streaming (jffmpeg)
digicert gnupg wordcram yamagata jackrabbit quartz bloomberg jmagick dashing poi typesafe talend carddav caldav graydon

Development tools:

  • Intellij IDEA
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Mindmapping (Xmind)
  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • Vagrant
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Enterprise Architect, ArgoUML
  • Visual Studio
  • MonoDevelop
  • Android studio
  • VirtualBox
intellij IDEA netbeans xmind github bitbucket vagrant eclipse enterprise architect argouml visual studio monodevelop android studio virtualbox

Relational databases:

  • MySQL
  • Postgresql
  • Oracle
  • H2
  • DB2
  • MSQL

NoSQL databases:

  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • NoSQL
  • Cloudant
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4j
mysql postgresql oracle mongodb couchdb cloudant cassandra neo4j talend

Programming languages:

  • C/C++
  • Java (J2EE, J2SE)
  • Scala
  • C#.NET
  • Python
  • HTML 5/XML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • VB/VBA
c c++ java scala csharp python html 5 xml css 3 php javascript dotnet

Unit testing frameworks:

  • jUnit (java)
  • NUnit (.NET)
  • Scalatest (scala)
  • Mockito (test data)
  • CppUTest (C/C++, gcov, lcov)
  • PyUnit (python)
  • Cucumber (behavior driven development)

Unit testing methodologies:

  • Whitebox testing
  • Graybox testing
  • Blackbox testing
  • Fit (Fitnesse - acceptance testing framework)
  • Selenium
  • Sikuli script
junit scalatest mockito cpputest cucumber fitnesse selenium sikuli

Agile methodologies:

  • Scrum - agile practice
  • Continuous integration build server (Jenkins)
  • Nexus - sharing artifacts
  • Git source control (SCM)
  • Rescuetime
  • Flowdock
  • Jira (Green hopper) - issue management system
  • Sonar (code analysis tool)
  • Barkeep (code review)
  • TDD (test driven development approach)
  • Producteev
  • eXo platform (intranet - extranet)
scrum csm jenkins git rescuetime flowdock jira sonar tdd producteev exo

Packaging and distribution:

  • Heroku
  • AppFog
  • Cloudbees
  • Amazon EC2
  • izPack - install4j
  • Puppet labs
  • Artifactory
  • Bintray

Apps & software management:

  • BES10 server (mobile device management)
  • Sonatype Nexus server (sharing artifacts and repositories)
heroku appfog cloudbees amazon web services izpack puppet labs artifactory bintray jfrog bes10 nexus

Graphical user interface:

  • Java Swing
  • Qt/Qt-jambi
  • iconshock famfamfam
  • Seaglass
  • Synthetica
  • JTattoo
  • JIDE software
  • WindowBuilder
swing qt famfamfam seaglass synthetica jtattoo google developers

Supported operating systems (dependant on device platform):

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Andriod
  • Blackberry
  • iOS
windows apple linux andriod blackberry ios 6

Supported web browsers (dependant on device platform):

  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Maxthon
safari internet explorer firefox google chrome opera maxthon

Hardware integration:

  • Dymo label printing
  • Beveiligde micro SD
dymo secure sd

Some other nice things:

  • DeskWanted
  • oDesk
  • coderwall
  • Asterisk
  • Disc profile
deskwanted odesk coderwall asterisk disc

What we also can do for you

Not yet a need for advanced software applications, maybe a simple, maintainable and scalable site is what you need right now? Sofides can also develop your website and host it on our private servers. Simple and fast configuration for all your needs.

  • Simple, clean and maintainable website creation
  • Interactive and dynamic content
  • Database integration
  • Forms, registration and contact pages
  • Website optimalization
  • Creating printable webpages
  • Mobile website variant
  • Domain name registration
  • E-mail configuration
  • Website hosting
  • Webshop (prestashop, shopify, mangento)
  • CMS (content management system)
  • Blog setup

IT advice, selecting hardware and giving support

  • Data recuperation (after disk crash)
  • NAS & backup server setup and configuration
  • Network problems & solutions
  • Advice on software and hardware needs
  • Training on how to use hardware and software

Need some expertise you don't have in house? Try our consulting based work:

  • Software development
  • Agile & Scrum introduction / optimization
  • Continuous improvements
  • Software & technical business analysis
  • Active on oDesk - active online workspace
prestashop shopify magento liquifi data center wordpress joomla drupal datarecuperatie synology odesk

What we don't do

What we will not be able to do for you:

  • Hardware repair and service
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Selling consumer hardware (PCs, tablets or smart phones)
  • Game development
  • Graphical design


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